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Caseking Group: Your perfect partner for the European market


Do you have quality products that you want to sell across Europe?

Caseking has world class sales, marketing and logistics expertise – built since 2003.

As well as pan-European distribution, we also have our own retail channel to market through brands like Overclockers UK in the United Kingdom.

Our warehousing hubs are in Germany, UK and Hungary – perfectly placed to deliver your products across the continent – as well as sales offices in France, Holland and Poland.

If you want a one-stop-shop, then we can bring you on to our Dedicated Partner Programme, which will give you full access to our in-house marketing organisation – with links to every one of Europe’s top media and publishing houses.


At the highest level, we have a Platinum Partner Programme, where our technical experts will work with you to create the perfect product for our customers – then help you sell significant volumes into the market.

We also have a professional market team, dedicated to corporate clients, professionals and the public sector.

Whatever we do, whichever market we operate in, our dedication to customer service is second to none. We are a very different kind of organisation – with the motto “Nothing here is standard!” 



To find out more about how Caseking can help you build your brand, sales and profit,

contact our team today.

E-Mail: [email protected]








CASEKING集團擁有世界級的頂尖銷售,市場推廣及專業物流配合 2003年總公司在德國成立以來,我們已超過十多年的豐富經驗,當然包 括我們在整個泛歐洲經銷商,我們也有我們自己的零售渠道市場,如在英國的Overclockers UK. 另外,我們在法國,荷蘭和波蘭也設立銷售辦事處,隨時能支援各地的經銷商。

同時,我們在德國,英國和匈牙利設立倉儲中心,在物流上有完整的配貨管理,讓您的產品在整個歐洲能完善的流通 。

如果你想要全方位的合作,CASEKING專業團隊能提供給您專屬合作夥伴計劃, 並能將您的產品串連到歐洲的頂級媒體產業和各大出版社。


若您想要更進一步的合作,我們也能提供白金合作夥伴計劃,我們的產品技術專業團隊可以和您一起來為我們的歐洲客人設計最完美的產品 – 並將產品廣泛的推廣販售到市場。


無論我們做什麼,在哪 個市場,我們都以客為尊, 竭誠為客戶服務

CASEKING 集團就是這麼別具一格的組織 - 我們的座右銘 「Nothing here is standard與眾不同 !



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