der8auer Intel 9th Gen. OC-Frame

der8auer Intel 9th Gen. OC-Frame

CPU direct die frame from OC champion "der8auer", Improved overclocking with delidded 9th gen Intel CPUs on Socket 1151 motherboards, Only compatible with Intel 9th generation CPUs!
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The der8auer 9th Gen. OC Frame replaces the entire Intel ILM (Integrated Loading Mechanism) on the motherboard and unlocks new possibilities when it comes to extreme CPU overclocking, where the processor cooler can be installed directly on top of the CPU without the troublesome IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader).

The der8auer 9th Gen. OC Frame at a Glance:

  • Convenient tool for operating CPU without heat spreader
  • Secure mounting for maximum cooling performance
  • Manufactured using premium aluminium in anodised black
  • Only compatible with Intel's 9000-series CPUs and LGA 1151 v2

German Engineered Perfection - From Overclocking World Champion der8auer

Roman "der8auer" Hartung (pronounced: "der Bauer") is a qualified mechatronics engineer (B.Eng.), hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker from Germany. For years he has been active in the extreme overclocking scene, achieving countless records in that time. Needless to say, he's passionate about getting every last drop of performance out of the hardware.

Overclocking to the Limit

Since 2004, Intel has opted to use the so-called LGA (Land Grid Array) system for attaching processors to their respective motherboards. The latter include the connector pins previously attached to the underside of the CPU and have since been found on Intel CPUs only as flat contact surfaces. For an Intel processor to be securely fixed in the socket, it is normally clamped by a foldable frame via the integrated heatspreader (IHS). This nickel-plated copper heatspreader transfers the waste heat of the chip to the CPU cooler. However, this is not particularly efficient and is pushed to the limit when it comes to heat dissipation during extreme overclocking.

To ensure that such a CPU can be cooled sufficiently even when overclocked, enthusiasts simply disconnect the heatspreader with the der8auer Delid-Die-Mate 2 (FSD8-019), whereby the CPU temperature can be lowered by several valuable degrees. However, this dangerous tinkering act has the consequence that the sensitive silicon die or other exposed components of the delidded CPU may easily be damaged during cooler assembly. The der8auer 9th Gen. OC Frame helps here and makes it possible to mount the CPU cooler directly and safely on the chip itself.

The outer edge of the der8auer OC frame is only about 0.1 mm below the silicon chip itself, which effectively protects the latter from the CPU cooler tilting and thus causing damage. The black anodized layer also insulates the aluminium of the OC frame, making it no longer electrically conductive. The 9th-Gen OC frame can therefore sit comfortably on the upper contacts of the CPU. For mounting, the retention module of the Intel socket must be removed and the OC frame is screwed to the standard backplate of the motherboard with the original screws.

Warning: Removing the CPU heatspreader and the motherboard's retention module is performed at your own risk and results in the invalidation of the manufacturer's guarantee!

Compatibility note: Without the integrated heatspreader, the mounting height of the CPU cooler decreases slightly, which is why those with a fixed mounting height not can be mounted more. It is therefore essential that you check before mounting whether the cooler to be used can also be used with a lower mounting height.

Technical details:
  • Type: CPU mounting frame
  • Material: anodized aluminium
  • Color: Black
  • Only compatible with Intel 9th-Gen desktop processors (Coffee Lake Refresh)
  • Compatible with Socket-1151 motherboards
  • Includes:
    1x der8auer 9th-Gen OC-Frame
    1x Torx key
Primary Colour Black