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Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious PC Gaming Race
Model O Gaming-Maus - weiß

  • Professional gaming mouse with Pixart PMW-3360 sensor
  • max. 12 000 DPI in four levels
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • 1000 Hz & 1 ms
  • 50 G acceleration
  • RGB LED lighting


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Item number: GAMO-800

EAN: 0857372006976


Manufacturer: Glorious PC Gaming Race


Product information - Model O Gaming-Maus - weiß

The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse with a high-quality optical sensor from Pixart and six buttons. The sensor provides a precise resolution of 12 000 DPI. The top of the professional gaming mouse with its honeycombs is striking. This significantly reduces the weight of the mouse to just 67 grams. Below it is the chic RGB LED lighting that brings out the inner mechanics of the mouse. The durable Omron switches ensure the long life of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse . And of course, the mouse also impresses with excellent values such as an acceleration of 50G.

The features of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse at a glance:

  • Precise tournament gaming mouse with ergonomic honeycomb surface
  • Ambidextrous, six programmable buttons
  • High accuracy optical sensor with 12 000 DPI
  • 1000 Hertz polling rate and one millisecond response time
  • Accelerates up to 50 G
  • Super sliding gliders and highly flexible cable
  • RGB LED illumination

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse: Tournament Mouse with Optical Sensor

The modern PMW-3360 sensor from Pixart scans with 12 000 DPI and impresses with unattainable precision. The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse can also be adjusted in four different DPI levels via a switch on the surface. The preset DPI values can be changed via the software. An LED on the underside of the mouse shows the current value, the colour coding can also be adjusted via the software. The ambidextrous mouse has a total of six programmable keys, in addition to the two main and DPI keys on the top, there are two switches on the left side. The scroll wheel is also clickable.

The unique feature of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse are the honeycombs on the top and on the bottom. They reduce the overall weight of the mouse significantly. The honeycomb pattern not only gives the mouse a unique look, but also allows a view of the mechanics inside, which are illuminated by an addressable RGB LED lighting. At the same time, they provide good ventilation for the hands.

RGB LED lighting and onboard memory

The mouse is designed for ambidextrous use, with the hand resting on the mouse in as natural a position as possible, thus reducing the strain on the fingers when pressing the keys and avoiding unnecessary movements. Long gaming sessions pose no problems due to the ergonomic shape of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse. The side buttons are both located from the left side further reducing weight.

In addition to the flexible DPI settings of the high-quality Pixart sensor, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse also impresses with lots of other features. These include the acceleration of 50G as well as the high tracking speed of more than 250 IPS. The sampling rate is the maximum 1000 Hz. This makes the mouse perfect for very fast movements. This is also ensured by the large gliders made of Teflon, which ensure smooth movement, regardless of the surface on which the mouse is used. In addition, there is the braided cable developed by Glorious PC itself. It's extremely flexible and light and feels as if you were using a wireless mouse.

The RGB LED strips located on the sides of the mouse also illuminate the interior, which is visible through the honeycombs. The 16.8 million colors and a total of eight effects can be adjusted in the software software, optionally also via the switches on the mouse itself. However, the software also offers additional options that make the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse the perfect gaming peripheral.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: approx. 128 x 59 to 66 x 26 to 37.5 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 67 g
  • Colour: white
  • Resolution: max. 12 000 DPI (400, 800, 1600, 3200 preset)
  • Sensor: optical Pixart PMW-3360 sensor
  • Maximum acceleration: 50 G
  • Maximum speed: 1 ms (latency)
  • USB signal rate: 1000 Hz Polling rate
  • Keys: 6 (programmable)
  • Connector: USB (2 m long braided cable)
  • Lighting: RGB LEDs (16.8 million colors)
Glorious PC Gaming Race



Technical Details

Form Factor right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous
Number of Buttons 6
Sensor optical
Sensor Model Pixart PMW 3360
DPI Adjustment yes
DPI max. 12.000 DPI
Cable length 190 to 209 cm
Connectivity USB
Primary colour white
Secondary colour black
Lighting yes
Lighting colour RGB (selectable)
Adjustable weight no
Weight in g up to 100 g

Customer review "Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming-Maus - weiß"

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Excellent, lightweight, mouse skates and cord are excellent out of the box, comparable...
Ich habe mir unzählige Reviews zu der Model-o Maus angeschaut und kann es kaum erwarten...
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Great mouse

Excellent, lightweight, mouse skates and cord are excellent out of the box, comparable to paracord and hyperglides!


Zu empfehlen!


Perfekte lightweight FPS Maus

Ich habe mir unzählige Reviews zu der Model-o Maus angeschaut und kann es kaum erwarten meine eigene in der Hand zu haben die Maus ist für den Preis eine der besten Modelle die sie zur Zeit kaufen können sie ist eine der leichtesten Mäuse auf dem Markt mit 67g in der Matt edition daher ist sie für high FPS gaming sprich E-Sports und lange gaming Sessions sehr gut geeignet. Noch dazu die schöne FPS Beleuchtung und wir haben meiner Meinung nach die perfekte Maus.


High Quality

Great build, really lightweight, would recommend


Best Mouse


Excelent mouse very lightweight


Gute maus

Ich hab das teil am 25.5.2019 von euch bekommen die Maus ist richtig gut hab damit cs go gespielt. Ist super leicht und liegt gut in der Hand

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  • TweakTown - Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse

    The Glorious Model O hype, and much of what you read is all true! We see now why others are cloning it. However good it is, we still feel that the cost is going to turn users away, but if you can find a deal, get it, you will not be sorry you did

  • Overclocking - Glorious Model O

    We liked:

    + Technical feat of the Weight / Volume ratio
    + Lightweight pleasant to use
    + Its original look with its perforated shell
    + Fingerprints are a distant memory
    + The RGB which remains visible, even with the hand placed on it
    + The easy to use software part
    + The flexibility of the cord
    + The brand's “PC Master Race” spirit
    + Skates that are found in the trade!
    + Its affordable price

  • Gamezoom - Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O

    + saubere und stabile Verarbeitung
    + cooles Design
    + präziser Sensor
    + hohe Gleitfähigkeit
    + ausreichend langes und flexibles Datenkabel
    + liegt gut in der Hand (Rechtshänder)
    + geringes Gewicht
    + hohe Gleitfähigkeit
    + übersichtliche Software
    + Onboard-Speicher, Makros
    + anpassbare RGB-Beleuchtung, Lift-off-Distance und Debounce-Time
    + fairer Preis

  • PurePC - The Glorious PC Gaming Race - Model 0 Mouse Test Is this an ideal?

    - light weight
    - great main buttons
    - sensor without compromises
    - ultra flexible cable
    - shape guaranting maximal control

  • PurePC - The Glorious PC Gaming Race - Model 0 Mouse Test Is this an ideal?

    - light weight
    - great main buttons
    - sensor without compromises 
    - ultra flexible cable
    - shape guaranting maximal control

  • Test-Gear - Glorious Model O Matte

    - light weight
    - sensor Pixart PMW3360
    - soft cable which feels like playing with wireless mouse
    - mouse remembers all the users settings and allows to create users profile
    - high quality interior components
    - scroll wheel comfortable in use and silent


    Die Glorious Model O leistet deutlich mehr, als das blendend bunte Design vermuten lässt. Ergonomisch eher unspektakulär, liegt die Maus doch sehr gut in der Hand. Dies ist insbesondere dem geringen Gewicht zuzuschreiben, das eine besonders präzise Handhabung ermöglicht. Eine komfortable Bedienung wird auch durch das besonders flexible Kabel und den ohne Software zugänglichen Funktionsumfang der Maus ermöglicht. Die Software lässt sich optional herunterladen und erweitert die ohnehin verfügbaren Features lediglich. Auch auf technischer Ebene kann die Model O mit langlebigen Omron-Tastenschaltern und dem hervorragenden Pixart PMW-3360 Sensor überzeugen.

  • Computer Base - Glorious Model O im Test: Mit Präzision und Leichtigkeit zur Shooter-Empfehlung

    + Erstklassiger Sensor
    + Äußerst geringes Gewicht
    + Sehr flexibles Kabel
    + Vollständige Funktionalität ohne Software im Hintergrund

  • Cowcotland - Glorious PC Gaming RACE Model O Mouse


    + Great slide
    + slight
    + Easy and versatile handling
    + Nice knob
    + Price

  • GameStar - Die leichteste Gaming-Maus - Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O im Vorab-Test

    Ich war anfangs wirklich skeptisch, ob die symmetrische Model O mich im Vorab-Test überzeugen kann. Als Rechtshänder mit Palmgrip bin ich seit Jahren der Form der Zowie-Modelle EC-2A/B verfallen. 

    Doch Glorious hat es nach anfänglicher Skepsis geschafft: mit jedem weiteren Tag wird mir die Form vertrauter und das sehr niedrige Gewicht der Model O trägt dazu bei, dass die Zowie-Nager bereits vom PC abgestöpselt sind. 

    ich mag auch die Tasten und das Mausrad, an Abtast-Präzision mangelt es der Model O dank der bewährten Sensorwahl auch nicht. Das Design mit Wabenstruktur und Beleuchtung ist Geschmacksache, aebr mir gefällt es. Die Beleuchtung soll (vermutlich) per Treiber-Software deaktiviert werden können - besonders bei spärlicher Zimmerbeleuchtung strahlt die Model O aktuell sehr auffällig in allen Regenbogenfarben.

  • TechPowerUp - Glorious Model O Mouse

    + Excellent choice of materials
    + Different surface-treatment options
    + Comes in two colors
    + Fantastic sensor performance
    + Great buttons and scroll wheel
    + Nice-looking RGB lighting
    + Ultra-flexible cable
    + Fantastic pure PTFE mouse feet
    + Very lightweight software

  • Hardware Canucks - This Is My New FAVORITE Gaming Mouse - Glorious Model O

    ...we've got here is a perfect recipe for an FPS mouse...

    ..holding the model O on your hand feels effortless, if you play lower dpi and move your mouse across larger surface area for the mouse matt. It makes total sense and it's fantastic...

  • Prosetting - Glorious Model O

    This mouse has everything that mouse enthusiasts have been getting excited about in recent times; it’s got a super lightweight shell (with holes in it), an extremely flexible cable, responsive buttons, great stock mouse feet that offer a smooth and consistent glide, and it even has RGB elements. In a sense it’s a ‘greatest hits’ compilation of all recent exciting innovations in the mouse industry, and that’s amazing.

    This will be the perfect gaming mouse for a lot of gamers out there (and I suspect it’ll become my personal main gaming mouse for the foreseeable future as well) and it’s hard (if not impossible) for me to find anything that’s objectively bad about this product. 

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